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Attention, attention…
13 March 10, 8:28 pm
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Interesting announcement on the train…

Yesterday I hopped on the train after work a few minutes ahead of my usual 6/6:15. I had high hopes that I would have a jump on the masses. Much to my dismay, as I stepped onto the most crowded F train in the history of the world, the conductor had this to say:

“Attention ladies and gentlemen, a crowded subway train is no excuse for unlawful sexual activity. Thank you.”

It’s called frotteurism, people. See the definition here:

Main Entry: frot·teur·ism
Pronunciation: -“iz-&m
Function: noun
: the paraphiliac practice of achieving sexual stimulation or orgasm bytouching and rubbing against a person without the person’s consent and usually in a public place called also frottage.

A dear friend of mine who lived in Japan for a period of time told me that the Tokyo subway system runs at roughly 180% capacity at peak times and that they use giant objects that resemble Q-tips to shove people into the trains. Apparently there is a huge pervert problem in Tokyo, strange for such a seemingly polite culture. There are even women only cars during peak hours. I couldn’t find a picture of the giant Q-tip stuffers, but below is an amusing photo, somewhat unrelated albeit.

Let’s just hope my conductor’s remarks were in the abstract.

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