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progress report: Huey P. Long
13 March 10, 7:14 pm
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Everyone I talk to wants to know how my baby dog is adjusting.  The answer, in a word, is: fine.  He doesn’t have as many visitors, so there’s not as much to wag a tail about.  He has discovered, however, a Wheaton Terrier who he fancies.  I’m pretty sure he thinks she is Wrigley.  We miss you Wrigley!

The most interesting part of the transition has been learning where to poop.  In case you folks are unaware, there’s not a ton of grass in New York.  My neighborhood has more than the average neighborhood, but the people who have kiddos don’t like your dog pooping on the sidewalk.  I’m happy to report that Huey has learned to poop on the sidewalk, and his owner has learned how to pick it up, religiously.  I feared the snow, which he favored, when melted, would really confuse him.  Apparently that is not the case.

We have tons of pups in the ‘hood, and people with dogs tend to be friendlier and make conversation with me as long as I have Huey in tow.  He’s as cute here as he was in Arkansas if you were worried.  I’ll give more updates next week after we meet our vet at Vinegar Hill Veterinary Clinic and our doggie day care/spa spot.

For now, here’s a photo of Huey and Nick napping the weekend I moved in.

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