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Umbrella #1
13 March 10, 7:02 pm
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A wise woman and great friend told me just yesterday, “you are going to break a lot of umbrellas in NYC, and it’s OKAY.”  Boy was that wise woman right.  Yesterday I bought my first New York umbrella, all cute and purple, at the Duane Reed.  Today, I thought a quick walk to Brooklyn Heights for some thrift store perusing would be a good idea.  “It was not,” said the purple umbrella.  I’m going to pour a little out for the first umbrella casualty of many to come.  See below for photographic evidence.

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Thanks for checking out my blog. A western NY’er, I did live in NYC for a couple of years. Always carry an umbrella when it’s even drizzling, because others will on the streets and may poke your eye out. Consider it a defensive weapon, so their “swords” will meet your shield. Now I’m out here cooking in the middle of no-where so wanted to pass on that tip. Go to a good golf store and buy a golf umbrella. Cheers,

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