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Save the serial/Oxford comma!
22 March 10, 11:22 am
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Before you read this post, I hope you’ll remember that I am a huge grammar/punctuation/word nerd.  This article fed my soul.  I hope a little part of your college paper-writing side loves it, too:

I don’t remember the example that Dr. Storey used to site in defense of the serial comma.  With the comma, the series was a list of items (albeit a somewhat disturbing list).  Without the comma, the series results in bourbon and murder or bourbon and hookers.  Can’t remember exactly.  Robert Woods, you’re the one who recounted this example to me during a hungover morning conversation in the pecan court.  Help!   
Also, you should all sign up for Visual Thesaurus if writing is a part of your daily life.  A Hendrix colleague turned me on to it once upon a time, and I’ve been using it ever since.  Again, remember my love of words….
Happy Monday! 

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