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ham hocks and hair nets
29 April 10, 11:57 am
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Huey hearts ham hocks and hair nets (visual aids included). I discovered this very unfortunate duo of preferences on a recent stroll about the neighborhood.  

On the first leg of our walk yesterday, Huey managed to hook a hair net on his nose, and I realized this 2 blocks later.  He was ready to enroll at McDonald’s U.  I made him remove it himself.  I had no plans to touch the hair net, as I have no idea as to its former whereabouts.  On our way home, he was pretty hot to get back inside, which never happens.  He even wanted to take the stairs! We hopped in the elevator, and his head was way down.  I knew he was hiding something.  I reached in his mouth only to find a giant piece of ham hock bone with some meat still in tact.  I just left it in the elevator.  Sorry, Juan!  There was nothing in me that could make me continue to hold that half-eaten bone.  I’m a vegetarian for god’s sake!  So is Huey for that matter.  

There are lots of delectable “treats” for animals of all sorts in my neighborhood.  My dear friend, a recent D.C. transplant has a similar story of her lovely dog and a “milkshake.”  I have no idea why dogs like disgusting things.  If someone can help me figure that out AND dispel this fascination for my dog, I will give you a prize.  I guess there is much more “street food” in the City for me…and for Huey.  Happy Thursday, y’all!  

for use with black-eyed peas, greens, other greasy goodness...not dogs


hair nets for human use; dogs, this is not a toy!not for cute dog consumption

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