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Your chance to be part of TV history…before 30 June
15 June 10, 10:15 am
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Hi everyone! Sorry for the long hiatus from the blog. I’m getting back into full swing soon, and I promise more posts are a-coming your direction this week.  I wanted to start with an easy one. 

My dear and talented friend, Michael Barker, has undertaken yet another amazing task.  He and his friend/co-writer, Jason Groessel (also fantastically talented), have created an original television script.  The show is called False Profit, and it is delightful.  I was able to attend a reading a week ago, and I thought it was brilliant.  This is the kind of show we want on television, and you can help make that happen.  

They need your help…before June 30th!  False Profit has been chosen as a finalist for Story Board TV’s script contest.  There are 2 other finalists, and the one who garners the most votes wins $5k and some great exposure for their script.  To read the script, click here:  To create an account, you have to submit your email address.  I can attest that the only emails I receive are ones about the contest.  You can easily opt out of those updates as well if you don’t wish to receive them.  Then, all you have to do to “vote” is log in, click on False Profit, and select “I would watch this.”  It’s as easy as pie!  I know you like pie.   

See the photo of Michael below and tell me you can say no to that face.  I can’t.  

Michael Barker needs your vote. Michael Barker is trustworthy.

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