The Southern Expat Communique: New York observations of a displaced belle

15 March 11, 4:50 pm
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L-E-NT-Y, I ain’t got no alibi, I’m Lenty. Hey, hey, I’m Lenty!

Sorry for the cheer, boys and girls, but I wanted to relay the message that I’ll be returning to the blog-o-sphere courtesy of the 40 days and nights, known to those of us with a liturgical calendar as Lent. I’ve decided to take up and give up a few things this year. Here it goes:

1. 86ing alcohol-In honor of a great VB turned NYC friend who shall remain nameless, I am giving up drinking. Giving up the sauce to stand in solidarity with my friend-with-child may prove challenging, especially since my birthday falls within this time frame. I’m considering cutting myself slack on pre-designated days and making up for the deficiency with another dreaded foe, exercise. We’ll see how that goes. This abstinence is dedicated to all of you other friends of mine who are in a family way, too!

2. Adding to my quick meals repertory-Because I have only 4 or so back-up plan meals: quesadillas, grilled cheese, pasta of many varieties, and red Thai curry–all but one of which contain cheese–I am going to add one meal each week to the “cook it straight from the cupboard” category. Tonight is the maiden voyage on this ship. Shrimp and grits, ahoy!

3. Tech-free nights-Rare is the evening that I’m not endlessly checking in on Yelp, fast-forwarding through an episode of Days of Our Lives or Jeopardy from November 2010, or mindlessly looking at internet this-and-that. P prefers Angry Birds and nerd blogs. So, in an effort to put down the computer, the iPhone, the wii-mote, and the t.v. remote, I’m implementing tech-free Tuesday (or whatever day is designated that week). Check before coming over, because you may have your electronic devices confiscated at check-in. You also might be in for an experimental meal as I feel tech-free evenings may frequently coincide with food repertory addition night.

4. Checking out my city-As many of you may know by now, I’ve been away from Little Rock and thereby in NYC for more than a year now (my NYC-iversary was 25 Feb for those of you who mark your calendars). I’m thoroughly enjoying my time here, but as I’m sure you can guess, I haven’t seen as much of the City as I would like. Life gets busy, y’all! So, to take in more of the 5 boroughs (maybe just 4, actually), I am going to visit a new NYC site every week of Lent.

5. BLOGGGGGGG-I’ve been notoriously bad about blogging. I asked everyone to join up, follow me, become devoted to my every move made in NYC, and there I go and jump ship, abandon my friends and family, and leave you on the proverbial side of the road after having cut off your thumb. Okay, I left your actual and proverbial thumbs in tact, but I have not been blogging as oft as I should. I’ve repented, said my Hail Marys, and promised to get back on track. As a result, you’ll be hearing from me at least once a week during this fair season of repentance.

That’s all for now, folks. I’ll leave you with one thought from the great visionaries, The Beastie Boys, “‘Cause life ain’t nothin’ but a good groove…a good mix tape to put you in the right mood.” Happy Lenting, everyone!

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