The Southern Expat Communique: New York observations of a displaced belle

Why I’m the luckiest girl in the world…

There has been lots of change in my life in the last month to say the least. I have moved to Le Petite Roche, gotten hitched, seen an amazing country on my honeymoon (what up Belize!!), and started a new job. I had a birthday somewhere in there too, but I barely remember it. My head is nearly spinning but not literally.

In case you don’t know about the Clinton Foundation, my new employer, and all of the amazing things the foundation accomplishes each year, you should check it out! Please come visit the Clinton Presidential Center when you are in Little Rock, too. I can’t believe I get to work here every day! As you all know, I’m not a Cardinals fan, but WJC is. Our temporary exhibit on the Cardinals is great, and I’m looking forward to what we have coming up in the summer and fall!

In short, I’m delighted with my new life. P and I are loving our new (to us) Hillcrest home, getting to celebrate friends’ birthdays, cheering for the Travs, and randomly bumping into good people we know at the grocery and everywhere else. Now, just to find a car for me! Any recommendations? See y’all soon!




5 Reasons You Should Check Out My Wedding…Website

So, I admittedly have the best photographer in the world, Babs Evangelista. So, she makes everything look magical. So magical in fact, that we asked (and she happily accepted) that she reimagine our wedding website. Here are 5 leeeetle reasons you should check it out:

1. Aforementioned fantastic photographer with an incredible instinct for great photo shoot locations.

2. You’ll get great restaurant and entertainment tips about New Orleans.

3. I write really compelling bios about my bridesmaids.

4. What else are you really doing at midnight on a Tuesday (or Wednesday, Thursday, etc…)

5. My wedding has bagpipes AND a brass band (Hot 8!!!). What?!

I hope you like what we’ve put together! See you on 21 April!!


Dine in Brooklyn!!
18 March 11, 4:34 pm
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For everyone who loves food and loves Brooklyn, mark your calendars for a foodstravaganza called Dine in Brooklyn, affectionately known as Restaurant Week to many: 21-31 March!

Three restaurants in my ‘hood, DUMBO, are featured:

  • Water Street Restaurant (with a deliciously Southernish-geared menu)
  • The River Cafe (which I cannot afford without mortgaging a kidney)
  • Bubby’s Brooklyn (bring your fleet of 9 children and your patience!)

Lots of other great fare in other great neighborhoods will be featured, and thank god there is no train service planned for the F line. Woot woot! I’m sure I’ll be kicking myself for that statement in the very near future. I feel the tourists and residents of other boroughs who “miss trees” will be flooding DUMBO soon. I’ll not be able to walk on my own sidewalk in a matter of days. Alas, that’s the price you pay for living in a fabulous neighborhood on the waterfront. Happy weekend, everyone!! xoxo

view from DUMBO

Trees featured in this photo formerly resided in Empire Fulton Ferry State Park in DUMBO, Brooklyn. They were “removed” (read: cut down) to make room for Jane’s Carousel, “a gift to the park.” Thanks for the “gift,” Jane, I preferred the weeping willows.