The Southern Expat Communique: New York observations of a displaced belle

New Orleans = uh-mazing wedding photos xoxo

Hey everyone,

So, it looks like Pitt and I have survived our first 2 weeks of marriage. YAY! We wanted to share our wedding photos with you. Check em out, cherish them, order them, love them.

Love us!


5 Reasons You Should Check Out My Wedding…Website

So, I admittedly have the best photographer in the world, Babs Evangelista. So, she makes everything look magical. So magical in fact, that we asked (and she happily accepted) that she reimagine our wedding website. Here are 5 leeeetle reasons you should check it out:

1. Aforementioned fantastic photographer with an incredible instinct for great photo shoot locations.

2. You’ll get great restaurant and entertainment tips about New Orleans.

3. I write really compelling bios about my bridesmaids.

4. What else are you really doing at midnight on a Tuesday (or Wednesday, Thursday, etc…)

5. My wedding has bagpipes AND a brass band (Hot 8!!!). What?!

I hope you like what we’ve put together! See you on 21 April!!


Second Line, line up!

Hey y’all,


This wedding deal is creeping up! To get you all prepared for the trip from the church to the reception, here’s an instructional video on how to Second Line. I like to think you’ll pick up on it quickly if you don’t know how to already.


Love you all! Can’t wait to see you in a week and 1/2!!


Study up, everyone!